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The Thermomix from Vorwerk is hardly larger than an A4 piece of paper, but it offers unique advantages to your daily life and cooking style! An appliance of superior quality, intemporal design and innovative technology that brings simplicity to your lifestlye.

The Thermomix combines 12 appliances in one and has numerous functions such as weighing, mixing, chopping, milling, kneading, blending, steaming, cooking, beating, precise heating, stirring and emulsifying. All this with such a simple use.


Enjoy a wider variety of meals with the Thermomix. Its numerous functions make creative cooking accessible to you. Whether you’re cooking for friends, family or you alone, whether you want simple or sophisticated dishes, the result is always guaranteed. Recipes from our official cookbooks, magazines or newsletter are deisgned and tested to succeed. 



Fresh and home made food. With Thermomix, you know what you’re eating, no need to buy ready-made food. You can make your own ketchup, pie and pizza dough, vegetable stock, ice cream, chocolate cream and many other items that you used to buy. The Varoma steaming gently cooks and steams fresh ingredients and preserves their nutriments and taste. No excess fat, salt and additives are needed to cook savoury meals.





The Thermomix is a household budget saver. Cooking with Thermomix helps reducing food waste, purchase of expensive, ready-made dishes. You can make your own breads, sauces, pizzas and many other daily meals at your own taste without paying for what you don’t want in your plate.




The all-in-one kitchen aid.

The Thermomix makes everyday cooking an enjoyable experience.

The Thermomix combines 12 different functions in one compact appliance, which saves valuable space in the kitchen. Yet it looks so stylish, it even won a coveted ‘red dot’ design award. Multi-functional, innovative technology that is simple to use – that sums up the Thermomix. Every detail has been so carefully designed that it needs very few accessories, even for the big jobs. It is the compact kitchen partner for contemporary, healthy, fresh food that everyone will enjoy.




The Thermomix also saves electricity, as you only need one power source to cook a complete meal for the entire family. The secret is “cooking in stages”. For instance, with the Thermomix, you can cook a delicious and healthy meal with fish, vegetables and side dishes in just 30 minutes. That saves time and energy.




Your time is valuable and Thermomix knows it. Its reliable functions and timers allow you to have other activities than staying in the kitchen to stirr when the meal is being cooked. You are free to do whatever else you have to do without worrying. When it is ready, it will call you!

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